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RasulAllah SAW said that leaves of date-palm tree is like Muslims which do not fall. All Muslim brothers and sisters are together by spirit of Akhlaaq. Akhlaaq is good manners , morals and etiquette. We should present our best Akhlaaq to parents, siblings and every muslim. Good Akhlaaq with parents We should practice to say […]

Quran :: Miracle of ALLAH(SWT) granted to Muhammad (SAW)

Safar 23rd, 1442 AH   Quran is the miracle of ALLAH (SWT) granted to Muhammad (SAW). Angel Gabriel came to meet Muhammad (SAW) in the cave of Hira. Angel Gabriel came close to Muhammad (SAW) and asked him to “Read in the name of ALLAH”. Quran is the last book of ALLAH (SWT). Angel Gabriel […]