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RasulAllah SAW said that leaves of date-palm tree is like Muslims which do not fall. All Muslim brothers and sisters are together by spirit of Akhlaaq. Akhlaaq is good manners , morals and etiquette. We should present our best Akhlaaq to parents, siblings and every muslim. Good Akhlaaq with parents We should practice to say […]

Class Najm : 27-Dec-20

Attendance: 1) Humzah2) Inaaya3)Yusra4) Anya5) Inaaya6) Ashaz7)Amyra8)Shiza 1)Surah Fatiha: Each children narrated the translation of all seven verses of this surah one by one.2) In there Hedayah diary kids have written the meaning of ALHAMDULLILAH. 3) Worked on Wudu .Discussed all 7 steps of wudu in detail.Benifits of wudu.And each kids mocked a step of […]

Class Najm : 20-Dec-20

1) Kids have started maintaining a diary named “Hedayah” to collect praises of Allah, Duas, important and small Hadith.Today kids have written translation of AllahoAkbar with Arabic by elders/ Hafiz above translation( after the class). 2)Coloring and discussion on Importance and offering of Salah on time and wherever we are. 3) Coloring and discussion on […]