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Hedayah Gurgaon uses the natural  curiosity of children to educate on Islamic values. Building confidence in their identity as Muslims and develop critical thinking skills. We use the IQRA curriculum, widely followed in Islamic schools of North America as well as works of various scholars of Islam.

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Sunday Islamic School: Ages 5-18

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Please reach out to us with short information about your child’s age and grade at school. We will get back with invitation to register, InshaAllah!

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At Hedayah we believe there is no real test for our children to show what they are learning. We evaluate based on a Quiz at the end of our session and we check ourselves where we need to work with children and discuss with parenmts during our Annual Shura.

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We have divided the learning through 5 groups for choldren based on their age and their level of understanding of deen. We monitor closely and provide individual help and feedback wherever necessary.

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All teaching is taken up by volunteers, especially motrhers who are concerned and practising Moms.

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Our classes

This comprises of children from ages 5 to 7 (or grade kg to 1 in regular school)or if they have just been introduced to learning about Islam. Our energetic class Najm teacher, sister Homa Parveen is a computer applications professional. She uses creative and fun filled interactive methods of instruction to teach children about the message of the Qur’an, the seerah of our Nabi Sallam and all the Prophets before him, peace be upon them and have relevant “Iqra curriculum” books subscribed for this. Children are encouraged to memorize Duas and remember Sunnahs for everyday use with the aid of colouring sheets, Art &craft projects and Nasheeds, masha Allah. 

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

The next level of children from age 8 to 10 (or grade 2 to 4 in regular school) are grouped in class Qamar, under the able guidance of sister Aasia Abdi, a Montessori teacher. The children have some exposure to knowledge of the Qur’an and Rasulallah’s SAWS seerah. They can read and write independently since they will be introduced to writing short answers based on the text taught. They are also encouraged to learn Duas, Nasheeds, Ahadeeth and sunnahs of Nabi Sallam and their creativity is encouraged to learn about Islam and their identity as Muslims, Masha Allah

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

This level comprises of children from ages 10 to 13 (Grade 5 to 7 in regular school). They are taught by sister Maryam Syeda, a business adminstraion professional. The children in this group are trying to understand the world around them vis-à-vis their identity as muslims. They are taught about the Qur’an using short surahs, their meaning in English and how to pponder upon and implement the teachings of the QUr’an in their lives. More details of the seerah of rasulallah SAWS is also taught through the Iqra curriculum books. Their creativity and confidence as muslims is re-infroced using hands-on arts and crafts, alhamdulillah. 

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

The fourth group is for the teenagers, ages 13 to 15 (grades 7 to 9 in regular school). This class is under the able tutelage of sister Nusrat Khan, a Cue Math teacher and a masters in Chemistry. This is a crucial group of young muslims who have basic knowledge of the Qur’an and the seerah of Rasulallah SAWS, and they are also navigating their lives in challenging ciscumstances. We follow the same methodology of teaching the commands of Allah revealed in the QUr’an alongwith the seerah of Nabi Sallam, but with more information and depth. Their prescribed text books also have detailed accounts of the important sahabis. Their knowledge of our faith and worship is made more vast, alhamdulillah. 

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

The last group of children is for  16 years and above. This group learns together with sister Rakhshanda Fatima, a lawyer by training and an experienced Islamic Studies teacher. Her stint in an Islamic School in the US is utilized to nurture the personality and development of these young adults who will be soon stepping out in the world, independently. They are taught to refer to the Qur’an for pondering upon the message, and to understand the life of Rasulallah SAWS in the light of Quran, Ahadeeth and Sunnah. They are introduced to the history of islam, after Rasulallah SAWS was succeeded by the Khalifah Ar-Rashidah leading upto recent times. These young adults are also given guidance for career choices, and every help is provided as far as their academics in school is concerned.  

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

Our Mission & Vision

Hedayah started in December 2006 as the quest of a mother for a holistic education of her children, with Taalim of the Sciences , Arts and Life skills and Tarbiyah based on teachings from Quran and Sunnah of the Prophets. She was encouraged by other parents joining this educational journey. By the grace of Allah , Hedayah has touched the lives of more than a hundred children and numerous volunteers, Fee- Sabeelillah. May God almighty accept our efforts.

Extra Curricular Activities

Robotics Online Classes Exclusively for Hedayah

Do you wan to learn Robotics but don’t know where to start?
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