Our Volunteers

HEDAYAH Gurgaon is backed up by a team of volunteers who are mothers, concerned towards upbringing of their children in the light of our “Deen” . The volunteers are successful professionals and use their experience and expertise to teach children and we all continue to learn together in the process. The enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers to the cause is commendable.

Rakshanda Fatima Ahmed

Founder & Volunteer Teacher for Class Shams

Founder of Hedayah Gurgaon. She is a lawyer by training as well as keen on science, having done M.Sc. in Plant Sciences. Her volunteering stint in an Islamic school while in the US was the spark that ignited the concept of Hedayah weekend classes for children when she moved to Gurgaon along with her husband, Mohammad Asim.
Teaches CLASS SHAMS. This is the group for children aged over 15 years. She is still learning along with her students.


Nusrat Khan

Volunteer Teacher for Class Marreekh

She holds a Masters in Chemistry and is a Cuemath teacher presently. Her experiences growing up in Saudi Arabia is used in giving a firm grounding in Islam to her students. Learning about our deen is her passion, and she has done courses in Qur’anic Arabic and in areas of Fiqh. Her energy and vivacity is infectious, as her students will vouch for!
Nusrat Khan teaches the CLASS MARREEKH, which has children aged 13 to 15.


Maryam Syeda

Volunteer Teacher for Class Ardh

An MBA by profession, she is passionate about nature and being around young children and trying to make some difference by teaching them our beautiful Deen. Her management skills are put to excellent use in making children understand the importance of learning Islam and the life of our beloved Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.
Maryam Syeda teaches and learns with CLASS ARDH where our next group of students are placed, comprising of children ages 10 to 13. She lives in Gurgaon.


Aasiya Abidi

Volunteer Teacher for Class Qamar

She is a trained Montessorian and a Montessori Mentor for several years years. As a student of Islam she strives to create an environment of warmth, trust & curiosity which are essential for learning. Fond of arts, crafts, gardening & baking. Her experience as a mother of a young son & daughter has helped her to encourage the natural learner in every child to help him/her evolve as a self-aware, knowledgeable & responsible being.
She teaches CLASS QAMAR which has children from age 8 to 10.


Homa Parveen

Volunteer Teacher for Class Najm

She holds a Masters in Computer Applications. She is equally adept at teaching class NAJM, comprising children aged 5 to 8 years. She is also providing technical support to Hedayah. Her dedication in teaching children of class Najm in the previous years is remarkable. Her inputs on improving our website and her work on it are deeply appreciated.


Hina Andleeb

Volunteer Teacher for Arts & Crafts Activities

She is an architect by training and an artist by passion. Having grown up in Kuwait, she also takes basic Arabic language class for the older children of class Shams. She moved to Mumbai from Gurgaon few years back, but the distance has not waned her dedication to teach Islam to our youth in an engaging manner.
Heena Andleeb is our volunteer consultant for Art and Craft activities for all Hedayah students.



Mohammad Asim

Volunteer for Administration, Logistics, Event Management and Website for Hedayah

A Computer Engineer by profession, he works with a leading telecom multinational and believes that there is a lot to learn from Hedayah.
Mohammad Asim primarily looks after Administration, Logistics and Website Management for Hedayah Classes. He also volunteers as substitute teacher when needed.