Story of the Elephant | Islam From the Start

1. Quran states that there was an Abysinian man, Abraha, who became the king of Yemen and he practiced religion christianity .

2. King Abraha built a church in Yemen, so he wanted people to flock there for many reasons.

3. Reasons were people should visit and start worship in the church of Yemen instead of the holy Kaba and also do business in Yemen.

4. King Abraha, to negotiate with Meccans, walked towards Mecca to holy Kaba with the huge Elephant (Al- Fil) and army of animals and his people .

 5. When King Abraha and his army were near city Taif ( some distance from Mecaa ) , he sent his mesenger to the leader ( Syed ), Abd al-Muttalib, of Meccans .

6. Message of Negotiation was he only want to destroy holy Kaba and didn’t want to fight.

7. Abd al-Muttalib was courageous and wise man , and he negotiated all his camels in return of holy Kabah as he had firm belief that Allah SWT would protect his house.