We did an activity to explain the relation of Allah,Namaaz and Humans

Step 1 : Take a bottle filled with clean water.

Step 2: Add some mud to the bottle.

Step3 : As we made the water dirty we cleaned it slowly by throwing the dirty water from bottle and adding clean water in the bottle.

Step 4: with repeated process the water in the bottle again became clean .

Conclusion : bottle is our body and water is our soul.With good deeds we purify our soul and body andwith bad deeds we make them dirty.
Keep doing good deeds.

Step 5 : In the same bottle we added a small precious gold jewellery .

Conclusion : Bottle is heart and precious gold jewellery is Allah SWT.

Through Namaaz Allah communicates with humans and promised to resides in there heart.

Discussion with kids on Khushu: keep remembering Allah in Namaaz

Dua : Auzubillahi minnashaitanirajeem

Keep reciting this dua when you are sad, angry, feel depressed and feel negative.