Annual Exam 1438 H. Syllabus



Annual Exam 1438 H. Syllabus for Class Najm

Children will be examined orally only. A colouring sheet will also be given.

1. Any 10 names of Allah with Meaning 

2. Meaning of your name 

3. Name all major 4 books mentioned in Quran .

4. Fill in the blanks :- 

In which month do we fast ________. 

In which month muslims from all over the world go for Hajj ________.

Name the city where we go for Hajj _________.

Who built Allah’s home, the Kaaba_______.

How many times do we pray in a day______.

The first month of the Islamic calendar is called  ______.

5. Oral recitation

Dua at the time of waking up

Dua at the time of going to sleep

Dua after we finish food 

Names of all Islamic months


6. Drawing 

Draw and color anyone Kaaba, Mosque or Place of Arafaat. This activity will be moderated according to the child’s capabilities.