*Day 5*:

1. Learn *Sūrah al-Humazah*
In this sūrah, Allāh swt condemns backbiting, mocking others and hoarding wealth (Overview of sūrah attached)

2. *Sunnah du’ā for today*:
Du’ā to be recited when lifting the dastarkhān (tablecloth):
اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ حَمْداً كَثِيْراً طَيِّباً مُبَارَكاً فِيْهِ غَيْرِ مَكْفِيٍّ وَ لَا مُوَدِّعٍ وَ لَا مُسْتَغْنىً عَنْهُ رَبَّنَا
All praises are due to Allāh swt, praise which is abundant, pure, and full of blessings, which is indispensable and to which one cannot be indifferent, O’ Lord [_Hisn Hasīn_]

3. *Sunnah ‘amal of the day*:
Put oil in your hair with the intention of _sunnah_

4. Pray *2 rak’āt nafl salāh* anytime today, and make du’ā to Allāh swt thereafter for guidance.

5. Give a small gift to your parents today, or at least just say jazakumUllāh khayr to them (with all your heart) for everything that they have done for you.

6. *Muhāsabah*: Search your heart for jealousy. Does it pinch us if someone else is being praised in front of us? Or if some one else gets something better than us?

*Beware*: Nabī ﷺ has said that jealousy consumes good deeds just as fire consumes wood [_ibn Māja Sharīf_]

7. *Bonus:*
Recite رَضِيتُ بِاللَّهِ رَبًّا وَبِالإِسْلاَمِ دِينًا وَبِمُحَمَّدٍ نَبِيًّا in the morning & evening.