*DAY 2*

1. *Learn Sūrah al-Qāri’ah* (Quick overview of the Sūrah attached)
Ponder over the happenings of that day for a couple of minutes. Look around yourself and remind yourself that nothing and no one will last.

2. *Sunnah Du’ā for today*
Du’ā for someone who is leaving/begining a journey (Should be recited every day when husband/parents/children go out)
زَوَّدَكَ اللهُ التَّقْوٰى وَ غَفَرَ ذَنْبَكَ وَ يَسَّرَلَكَ الخَيْرَ حَيْثُ مَا كُنْتَ
May Allāh swt make taqwa the provision of your journey; may He forgive your sins and may He make what is good easy for you wherever you may be [_Tirmidhī Sharīf_]

3. *Sunnah ‘Amal of the day*
Do *miswāk* right before going to bed tonight.
*Tip*: keep it on your bedside table so that it’s the first thing you see even in the morning.

4. *Pray 2 Nafl after making wudhū today anytime* –> Hazrat Bilāl (ra) became so beloved to Allāh swt through these 2 raka’ats.

5. *Call a relative* you haven’t talked to since some time now with the intention of *sila rehmi* (maintaining family ties). Sneak in some reminder about Allāh swt between the conversation.

6. *Muhāsabah*
Search your heart for *Hubb e dunya* – Root to all evil!

Hadīth e Mubarika:
حُبُّ الدُّنْيَا رَأْسُ كُلِّ خَطِيئَةٍ  
“Love of this world is the root cause of all evil.” [_Mishkāt Sharīf_]

Want to know more what really is ‘Hubb e Duniya’? Listen to the following talk and learn about this disease and how to unhook yourself from love of this world:

*Beware*: A person who has love for the world in her heart will end up doing some sin or the other, as per the mafhūm (implied meaning) of the hadīth.

7. *Bonus*
Recite _SubhānAllāhi wa bi-hamdihi, SubhānAllāh-il ‘Azeem_ 100 times – these two statements are beloved to Allāh swt, light on the tongue, and heavy on the scales. It is mentioned in a narration in _Muslim Sharīf_ that if سبحان الله وبحمده is recited a 100 times, then all sins are forgiven, even if they are equal to the foam of the sea. If that’s the reward for just سبحان الله وبحمده, then imagine the reward Allāh swt has in store for سبحان الله وبحمده ,سبحان الله العظيم