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RasulAllah SAW said that leaves of date-palm tree is like Muslims which do not fall. All Muslim brothers and sisters are together by spirit of Akhlaaq. Akhlaaq is good manners , morals and etiquette. We should present our best Akhlaaq to parents, siblings and every muslim. Good Akhlaaq with parents We should practice to say […]

Class Qamar : 20-Dec-20

▪️Detailed translation of Surah Al Iklas▪️Discussion on ‘Matters of Heart’ (Utmost Important)▪️Huqooq al Allah & Huqooq al Ibaad (Rights of Allah & Rights of People )▪️ Maintaining discipline at homes (Knock the door of parents room while entering seek permission )▪️Never rush for anything even if getting late ( since its act of shaytaan) instead […]