Hedayah Art Competition – Eid ul Adha 1442H

Humaam Asim (Shams)
Essam Andleeb (Shams)

Aqsa Fatima (Shams)

Anasha (Marreekh)

Fatima Ahmed (Ardh)

Asfia (Ardh)

Arifa (Ardh)

Alishba (Ardh)

Ayesha Ahmed (Ardh)

Haisam (Qamar)

Yumna Fatima (Qamar)

Umar (Qamar)

Aaban (Qamar)

Naba (Qamar)

Madiha Fatima Ahmed (Qamar)

Sofia Ahmed (Qamar)

Maira Ahmer (Qamar)

Zidaan (Najm)

Hedayah Art Competition - Eid ul Adha 1442H
Yusraa (Najm)

Inaaya (Najm)

Yusraa (Najm)

Zidaan (Najm)

Congratulations to our winners!

As salaam alaikum ,

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the EID ART CONTEST ,but first we would like to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in the contest . Jazaakum Allahu khairun !

The theme given was “EID CELEBRATION 2050 !”

Alhumdulillah, we received 19 entries from our young ,talented artists and we had a hard time selecting the winning artworks.

Thank you for such engagement, Mashallah ,we are absolutely amazed by your creativity .

*Congratulations to our winners! *
Here are the winning artworks :
1)Haisam from class Qamar , has visualised Eid celebrations in an Air bubble on planet Mars .
2)Asfia Ahmed from class Ardh has expressed her futuristic imagination .
3)Anasha from class Marreekh has depicted the urban setup in 2050
4)Aqsa Fatima from Class Shams,for her artistic illustration of EID 2050.

A special mention for the excellent artworks submitted by Fatima Ahmed (Qamar) , Madiha Fatima Ahmed ( Qamar) , Ayesha (Ardh) & Alishba (Ardh)

All the entries will be uploaded on the Hedayah Gurgaon website. Kindly visit and go through the children’s artworks to appreciate and encourage them .

The winners will receive their prizes soon inshallah !!