Exclusive interview with Abu  Bakr  Siddiq (RA).

Q: Assalamu alaikum . I must start off by saying it is an honour to meet you.My first question is ….How were you made the Khalifa ?

A: Wa laikum assalam . After having shrugged off the shocking news of the Prophet’s death , the muslims realized that they needed someone to fill the position of leadership amongst them.I then asked them to choose between Umar bin Al – Khattab and Abu Ubaida Ibn Al – Jarrah. However, on hearing this , both men jumped to their feet and exclaimed –“oh Siddiq! You have all the qualifications  and are the fittest person to be the successor of the Holy Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam).And that is how I was made the first khalifa of the Muslims.

Q: What was your relationship with Mohammad (sallallahu allaihi wa sallam)?

A: I was a senior companion and through Aisha (R) – The father-in-law of the prophet. I became the first openly declared Muslim outside Muhammad’s family. I also served as a trusted advisor to him.

Q: How many battles have you fought ?

A: In 624 . I was involved in the first battle between the Muslims and the Quraysh of Makkah, known as the Battle of Badr, but did not fight instead acted as one of the guards of Muhammad’s tent. In 625 I participated in the Battle of Uhud which ended in a rout by the majority of Muslims. I actually  fought in all the battles of the prophet .

Q: Tell us something about your son – Abdul- Rahaman ibn Abu Bakr .

A: Before the Battle of Uhud began, my son, who was still non-Muslim and was fighting from the side of the Quraysh, came forward and threw down a challenge for duel. I accepted the challenge but was stopped by Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).He later converted to Islam and gained fame during the Muslim conquest  of Syria as a fierce warrior.

Q: Tell us a little about Amir –ul-Hajj.

A: In 631 AD , Muhammad(sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) sent from Madinah a delegation of 300 Muslims to perform Hajj according to the new Islamic way . I was appointed as the leader of the delegates. I thus, had the honour of being the first Amir –Ul –Hajj  in the history of Islam.

Q: Can you tell us some things that you did for the welfare of your people ?

A: As soon as I became a Muslim , I immediately began to preach Islam to others. Among those who accepted are : Zubair , Talha  ,Abdul Rahman bin Auf , Saadi bin Waqqas and others who later became the pillars of Islam .

With the wealth that I had, I had a major role in freeing some of the Muslims slaves, who were barbarically tortured by their heartless Mushrik masters .

Q: And now last but not least , something all of us want to know ….. what is your real name ?

A: My real name is Abdullah or Abul- Kabba and Abu Bakr is my kunya . Though , I am commonly known as As- saddiq ( the truthful).

Q: You have given us your precious time for this interview , Jazakallah khayran!

A: Wa iyyakum .