Salam alaikum,
today the Hedayah children had an engrossing crafts session. The youngest ones in class Najm, apart from knowing about “good” and “bad” actions, prepared a Ramadan Mubarak garland to decorate their homes. Here are some of the memorable moments to share with you…..

The next group, in class Qamar made a countdown to Ramadan calendar page.

The next class is Ardh, who made a poster on the words they relate to with the month of Ramadan.

Marreekh, the next class had the children helping out with preparing the craft work for their younger brothers and sisters as well as trying to finish their own Ramadan Mubarak garlands. Without heir help, the activities wouldn’t have been possible.


Finally, the eldest children in class Shams had a group discussion on the topic “Condition of Muslims in India”. We learnt to assert ourselves without being rude to anyone. They also learnt how data mining and the big data is being used in a big picture. How to be cautious while using social media. 

We will be posting the take home from the discussion on our blog site InShaAllah.

Enjoy a video our our children’s work Masha Allah!  Click here…