A. Short Surahs (All worksheets done in class along with Text book)
1: Surah Fatiha
2: Surah An Nas
3: Surah Al Falaq
4: Surah Al Ikhlas
5: Surah Al Lahab
6: Surah An Nasr

B. Our Prophet – Life in Madinah : chapters 1 to 12. Worksheets from these lessons.

C. We have covered 3 stories so far from Amazing Muslims
1) Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay
2) Yusuf Islam aka Cats Steve n
3) Dr. Abdul Kalam

A. Mercy to mankind- makkah period- lesson 1-14
B. Our faith and worship- lesson 1-14
C. Teachings from the Quran- lesson 1-12.

Messenger of Allah
Madina period lesson 1 to 12.
Teachings of Quran vol 2
Lesson 1 to 5.


A. Al Khalifa Ar Rashida: lessons 1 to 11u
B. Tahdib and akhlaq:
Part 1-Lesson 9 to 38
Part 2-Lesson 1,2,6

C. Aqidah and fiqh:
Part 1: all lessons
Part 2: Lessons 28-39, 47, 48