Hedayah Gurgaon – Start of 1438H Session

Assalam o Alaikum. 

Alhamdolillah, we started our session from 19th Safar 1438H.


•We would be dividing our classes into 5 new sections


•Fajr –> Najm


•Zuhr –> Qamar


•Asr –> Ard


•Maghrib –> Marreekh


•Isha –> Shams


•We have regrouped some children and will shuffle some more after further review.


•There will be new books issued (See list of books in following slides)


•We will have lesson plans that we will follow and InShaAllah we will have regular

  activities on Art, Craft, Group discussions and presentations


•Let us be punctual so we can utilize our time and everyone else’s time better


•Let us be regular in classes


•We would be giving Star of the Month awards based on punctuality, regularity,

  consistency in work in class and homeworks.


Check out our presentation for students list and more details:

https://hedayahonline.com/Documents/Hedayah Gurgaon Session of 1438H.pdf


We have handed over invoices for books and miscellaneous expenses for six months.

Please note that for Miscellaneous expenses, we have put it to 600/= per child for six months.  Expenses for 2 or more children is same (Max cap of 1200/= per parent).

Please see the latest invoices below as for Fajr / Najm, one of the books has revised price as received today.

 Fajr / Najm        **       Zuhr / Qamar       **        Asr / Ard       **           Maghrib / Marreekh       **        Isha / Shams

Please send the payment through children. Considering the current situation, you may send the payments through cheques in the name of “Rakshanda Fatima Ahmed”

JazakAllah Khair!