Syllabus for Annual Assessment 1440H

 Class Najm         Class Qamar          Class Ardh          Class Marreekh          Class Shams

Class Najm: 

Only Oral Exam: 

  1. Meaning of your name.
  2. What is our Deen / Our identity
  3. Greetings we say to each other
  4. What do we say before doing anything
  5. What do we say after saying Rasulallah’s name (with meaning)
  6. What do we say after we say “Allah… “()
  7. Colouring sheet


Class Qamar:

Mix of Oral and Written (Depending on the capacity of the child)

I. Names of Allah with Meaning

  1. Allah
  2. Al- Ahad – Allah is one
  3. Al-Khaliq – The creator
  4. Al-Muhiy – The giver of life
  5. As-Samee – The all hearing
  6. Al-Aleem – The all knowing
  7. Al-Baseer – All seeing
  8. Al-Wadud – All loving
  9. Ar-Rahem – Most merciful
  10. Ar-Razzaq – The provider
  11. Al-Wali – The protecting friend
  12. Al-Hafeez – The protector

II. All the Arkaans of Salah

III. Timings and Rakaats of Salah

IV. Place and death of Rasulallah (SAW)

V. Name of Parents of Rasulallah (SAW)

VI. Name of first wife of Rasulallah (SAW)

VII. Any 15 Hadith that we practice (done in class)

VIII. Complete book of “The life and Sayings of Rasulallah(SAW)”


Class Ardh:

Written Exam:

  1. Our Prophet Vol 2 Life in Madinah – Chapter 1-11
  2. Short Surahs Lessons 1-4

Oral Exam:

  1. Recitation of Four Quls.
  2. Meanings of Surah Ikhlas and Surah Fatiha. 


Class Marreekh:

Written exam

  1. Mercy to mankind, life in   Makkah Chapters 1 to 26 chapters ( whole book)
  2. Teachings of  the Quran Vol.1 – 1 to 8 chapters

Oral exam:

  1. Recitation of any surah from the book “Short surahs”. Recitation of Surah Fatiha with meaning.
  2. Masail of wudhu- faraiz of wudhu, things which break wudhu, and when is wudhu necessary.

Class Shams:

Written Exam:

  1. Teachings of the Quran Vol2 – SECTION I and SECTION II
  2. Prepare for a short essay related to a topic  on our Tahdhib and Ikhlaq as discussed during the year.