Activity on Civic Sense

Assalam Alaikum.

Children of Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha participated in a very interesting discussion around “Civic Sense” and its importance in our society and its place in Islam. The session was  on 31st July (sorry for posting it late). 

Starting from understanding its literal meeting, to practical meaning and its place in Islam. Islam has a very strong focus on Civic Sense. No other faith has civic sense and responsibilities of your actions upon your neighbors and society in general, in-built in the religion itself and recognizes as Farz or Mandatory.

We got into brainstorming on the topic with enriching inputs from children on problems and our responsibilities in this regard.

We did an exercise where small groups (3-4) were formed where a topic was given and a poster was to be made on that.

Topics for Zuhr, Asr and Maghrib was – “Make a poster on highlighting the problem of wrong parking outside the Masjid and request to be sensitive”

For Isha was – “Make a poster to highlight importance of hygiene in your bathrooms / toilets and keeping it clean”

(the only guideline was that you cannot be rude 🙂  )

Children were were enthusiastic and some groups even made more than one posters. Some needed help in bringing out the ideas and some needed help in restraining their innovative thoughts and channelizing them :). There is always so much to learn from children.


Posters from the exercise – 

Poster by Tauqeer, Tanvir, Huzaif and Zaid            
Civic Sense – Zuhr: Tauqeer, Tanvir, Huzaif & Zaid :-  Poster1 on Parking around Masjid
Civic Sense - Asr: Poster by Humaam Asim, Saquib & Humam Farooq    
Civic Sense – Asr: Humaam Asim, Saquib, Humam Farooq :- Poster1 on Cleanliness and beautification of Masjid – Rules to follow
Civic Sense: Maghrib: Poster 1 & 2 by Maryam, Zaynah & Ammar     
Civic Sense: Maghrib: Maryam Zaynah & Ammar :- Poster1 Cleanliness and beautification of Masjid, Poster2 – Be a good Muslim


Civic Sense - Isha: Poster on Hygiene and cleanliness of bathrooms / toilets by Tanzeem, Azzam Abdul Samad and Sana
Civic Sense – Isha: Taha, Abdul Samad, Azzam & Sana :- Poster1 on hygiene and cleanliness of bathrooms / toilets.